Friday, June 25, 2021

Heat & Online Resources

 Hi all,

The heat is on. Be sure to stay hydrated

I just wanted to send you a little recap of the online resources that we talked about last Monday at the monthly meeting.

Of course, we mentioned the 
resources pages on our website as well as the newly created blog that we are using for announcements, news, etc.

As the heat was approaching we discussed making your own oral hydration drinks, specifically this article that I wrote a while back.

For the one using Facebook, we recommended subscribing (or liking) our own page, as well as HollisterColoplastConvatec, and UOAA for starters. As items will start to populate your feed, be sure to like articles of interest so that Facebook knows that you are interested in these types of resources.

Various online forums, such as Inspire and Meet An Ostomate were mentioned. The VeganOstomy website was also highly praised.

Also, our Suppliers web page, where you can quickly find contact information as well as request samples.

On the mobile side, the OstoBuddy and Ostomy 101 apps were also brought up. The Ostomy 101 app was introduced at one of our previous meetings which you can watch on YouTube.

This brings us to our YouTube Channel, where you can find recordings of guests from our meetings. Our video of the meeting with the TSA representatives on traveling with an ostomy is quite popular.

We also discussed the programs provided by manufacturers that provide free access to ostomy nurses and product specialists. In addition to providing help with any ostomy products, they also can help with dealing with insurance and suppliers:

Last, but not least, the UOAA website where you can find a mountain of information about ostomies and subscribe to various email newsletters.

Let me know if I forgot anything, and if you weren't able to attend, I hope this will help you locate useful resources.

Stay cool!